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After reading Harj’s book, you will know that getting the right HELOC is critical to making the Speed Equity® System work.

At the time of printing the original U.S. edition of; “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner – WITHOUT Making Extra Interest Payments,” Harj had several U.S. banks that were willing to pay for the first year’s subscription to the online Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration Software program.

However, they were removed from his list of approved lenders because they reneged on their commitment to help homeowners to the standard that Harj demanded.

Therefore, at present we DO NOT have any “formal alliance” with any U.S. banks/lenders, especially ones that are willing to pay for the first years’ subscription to the online Speed Equity® Software.

Having said that … we now provide a custom solution for each client whereby we do the work to find them the best HELOC in their area for use with this System. This process requires significant time and resources and is reserved for our PREMIUM clients that are members of the Speed Equity® Family … click here to learn more

For PAID Premium Clients ONLY … submit this Form & we will:

Help you find a lender, in your area, with the right HELOC that works with the Speed Equity® System.

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