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“Information is a powerful tool BUT …
information alone isn’t enough!

“It’s SKILLFUL APPLICATION of the RIGHT information
at the RIGHT TIME that will change your life.”

– Robert Kiyosaki … author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” –



First, WE GIVE YOU ALL THE RIGHT INFORMATION so YOU KNOW EXACTLY how Mortgage Acceleration works.
Then, we teach you HOW TO SKILLFULLY APPLY that information at the RIGHT TIME to Own Your Home Years Sooner.

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START with FREE 30-min Discovery Call

to find out “IF” the Speed Equity® System will work for you and HOW MUCH time + interest you could save … WITHOUT Replacing Your Mortgage !!


… to the online Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration Software. This is not just a “spreadsheet” but an extremely sophisticated financial tool specifically designed to help you GET THE RIGHT HELOC … plus …

1 … Step-by-Step

… video training so YOU KNOW EXACTLY how the System works as well as HOW TO SKILLFULLY APPLY IT at the RIGHT TIME to Own Your Home Years Sooner.

2 … 1-on-1 Coaching To Create Your Plan

to MAXIMIZE your Time + Interest Savings using the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration Software so more of your hard earned money stays in your wallet. This is also necessary so we can help you Get The Right HELOC … plus …

3 … 1-on-1 Coaching To Get The Right HELOC

We don’t just give you a bank list … we will Coach AND guide you to ensure you GET THE BEST HELOC to use with your personalized Speed Equity® Plan. We will also show you HOW TO structure your HELOC properly so that funds can freely move in-and-out of it WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS. This is critical because if you don’t get the right HELOC, you won’t be able to use this System … plus …

4 … 1-on-1 Coaching for HELOC Implementation

Once your HELOC is approved, we will COACH you on HOW TO use the Speed Equity® Software to calculate PRECISELY HOW MUCH of an injection to make from your HELOC into your P&I loan – AND – PRECISELY WHEN to make that injection to save the MAXIMUM amount of TIME + INTEREST … this includes what to say to your lender so your injections are applied correctly … plus …

5 … 1-on-1 Coaching to Manage Your HELOC

1-on-1 Coaching + UNLIMITED Access … to PRIVATE support group to ensure you achieve your MONTHLY HELOC balance that is forecasted in your Speed Equity® Software … includes what to do “IF” you have unexpected income/expenses for each month.

What Our Clients Say



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I was first introduced to the concept of paying off your mortgage faster through a company called Replace Your Mortgage.

The concept seemed pretty interesting which led to more research and I found the original creator of the system, Harj Gill.

He helped me develop a plan according to my income and expenses which turned out to save me $131,416 in interest payments and shaved off 20-years off my current mortgage.

I will be finish paying my mortgage in 5-years which is a dream come true.

I am truly blessed to have come across Harj as he is very passionate about what he does and will go over and beyond to make sure you will not be taken advantage of like other companies performing the same service.

You will not be disappointed and will be in good hands with Harj!

  • Jose Taveras



My journey before finding Harj was a long and frustrating one.

I had heard of Replace Your Mortgage (RYM) through Facebook  and had extensively researched the method of using a HELOC to rapidly pay down my mortgage.

After reading some customer testimonials, I personally reached out to a prior customer through Facebook and began asking questions about her experience with RYM and it was not until then, that I decided to pay $2,500 for their lower tier program in which they guaranteed results or your money back within the first 6 months.

They reassured me that I should be able to qualify for a first lien HELOC that would ‘replace’ my mortgage after going through my specific financial situation.

After being given a bank list and told to sign a disclaimer, I was told to start contacting the banks and after I was approved, I could have one more phone call with them with anymore questions I may have – I was not allowed into their Facebook group or future contact with anyone else because I didn’t pay $5,000 for their higher tier program.

3-months later, after being rejected by 6 different financial institutions for having too high of a debt-to-income ratio, I contacted RYM for assistance and went over my financial situation with someone else.

Again, I was told that I should keep on trying and that I should qualify because “my numbers look fine.” At this point, it felt like pulling teeth trying to get specific information from the Underwriters on my denials and it wasn’t until I spoke with an actual manager that I found out that most banks will not take into account rental income or business income in the first year, and both my rental and side business were still within their first years.

RYM did not inquire how old my rental or side business was when initially talking to me, and assumed that since my income was greater than expense, I should automatically qualify for a first lien HELOC. They gladly took my money after I signed a disclaimer that claimed they cannot be held be responsible if I cannot be approved through a bank so I am unable to get my money back.

It is not in my nature to give up after failing if I really want something, and even though I was taken advantage of and out $2,500, I kept on researching and came upon some old youtube videos from the mid 90’s about this guy who has been touting this method of rapid mortgage payoff for the past 20-years.
This is when I found Harj Gill and the Speed Equity Program.
After buying and reading his book, I contacted his company through email and was pleasantly surprised when I received a voicemail the following morning from the owner of the company, himself, Harj Gill. He was very personable and thorough when going over my situation and I felt he truly empathized with me and with my hardship with RYM as this was not the first time a distraught prior RYM customer had come to him for help.
After meticulously going through his 2nd lien HELOC program with me, he told me that I should have no issues qualifying for a smaller HELOC that would still allow me to utilize rapid pay down of my mortgage. I reapplied with a previous financial institution that had rejected me and was approved within a week.
Now I have a solid plan in place to pay my mortgage off in 7-years as opposed to 21-years if I were to continue down my current path.
In addition, all Speed Equity clients are granted access to their private Facebook group where I can ask questions and read success stories from others in the program with lifetime access to Harj!
I am elated to have found Harj and will gladly refer him to my friends and family as I know he will treat them with the same amount of respect and thoughtful care that he gave me.
I only hope my personal story will help others from being swayed into other imitators’ programs so they can find the originator and true expert of the method, Harj Gill!
  • Gabriel T.



I had been searching various services, found a review online about Speed Equity. I ordered the book and read it in 3-days. Fantastic book.

Led me to Speed Equity website and I ended up purchasing the program.

The 1-on-1 coaching sealed the deal as Harj was able to explain the process in detail and helped me make adjustments where needed.

What is best is he ensured I was conservative on my data entry so I didn’t have any discouragement. This helps with the motivation.

Harj is out for your gain and he wants you to pay your mortgage off as soon as possible. He has your best interest at heart.

Awesome experience!!

Coaching is the best part of the program to be honest, other than paying your mortgage off way sooner than your mortgage lender would want or make you think is possible.

  • Tom Albers




I finished my 1-on-1 coaching session with Harj around 2:30 today and it was everything I hoped for and more.

Harj is as friendly as can be and knowledgeable beyond belief.

I am amazed at how intricate the software is and am very excited to start shopping for a HELOC.

As of now, I am set to pay off my mortgage in 6-years  and 11-months.

UPDATE May 04, 2019:  A year ago I had no idea where my money was going and had limited assets to work with.

We’ve recently started talking about buying an investment property thanks in part to this System!

Crazy, in less than a year we went from “I don’t know” to possible investors!

  • Joseph Delalla



Harj is the best at helping you pay your mortgage off. He truly has a heart of gold in taking care of those who come on board with Speed Equity.

You’ll hear a lot from others, but you’ll actually get a lot from Harj for your investment.

  • Kelly Neaton Girmscheid

The ONLY Mortgage Acceleration System


by Leading Financial Experts

" . . . it's a BRILLIANT System."

- NBC's "Saving You Money" - 


" . . . shows how you can cut the term of your home loan SIGNIFICANTLY."

- Personal Investment Magazine -


"Gives us HOPE that we can achieve freedom from our mortgage BEFORE a ripe old age."

- Your Mortgage Magazine -


"Save thousands on your home loan."

- The Australian Woman's Weekly [personal finance] -


" . . . shows you step-by-step how you can Own Your Home Years Sooner."

- Perth Woman Magazine [money] -


" With this book . . . you'll soon discover ... how you get ahead sooner."

- HSBC Bank Australia -


" . . . an EXCELLENT SUMMARY and detailed analysis of methods by which mortgages can be effectively eliminated."

- WA Business News -


"Strategies for saving a bundle on home loans."

- The Melbourne Age -


"It's like having your money do aerobics."

- Mortgage Know How Magazine -


"SAVE a bundle on your home loan."

- The Sunday Times -

The ONLY Mortgage Acceleration System


Speed Equity
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Course ID# C7037: Mortgage Acceleration

DURATION: 3-clock hours

COURSE SYNOPSIS: Mortgage Acceleration is the ONLY clock hour class of its kind in the nation for real estate agents. It is presented by Mr. Harj Gill, International Mortgage Reduction Expert and bestselling author of; “How to Own Your Home Years Sooner” - as featured on NBC’s “Saving You Money”.

In this class you will learn the mechanics of how mortgage interest is calculated and charged. You will then be shown how to help homebuyers take full mathematical advantage of a fundamental Key Banking Principle to significantly reduce their mortgage interest cost – resulting in them Owning Their Homes Years Sooner!

This concept was instrumental in starting a grassroots consumer movement in Australia that revolutionized the entire mortgage and banking industries in that country. It is now in use by over 500,000 households in 8 different countries.

DON’T miss this fantastic opportunity to earn 3-clock hours, learn invaluable knowledge to help your clients and create unique marketing niche to say, “I’ll not only find you your dream home but I’ll show you how to Own It Years Sooner”.

Policy Guidelines: WA Department of Licencing ...

* This course has met the requirements set forth in Chapter 308-124H WAC, and approval has been granted for 3-clock hours that may be used by real estate licensees toward educational requirements of RCW 18.85. In accordance with the provisions of RCW 18.85.040, and Chapter 308-124H WAC, the Director of the Department of Licensing has reviewed and approved these courses.

Admission Policy: This course is open to all licensed real estate agents. No person will be denied admission based on race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, familial status, appearance, or sexual orientation.

Attendance Requirements: In accordance with Washington Administrative Code, physical attendance is mandatory for successful completion of this clock-hour course.

Cause for Dismissal: A student may be dismissed and enrollment terminated from a course by the Administrator or the Instructor for failure to pay tuition, fraud, misrepresentation of their correct name, taking exams for another student, or disruptive interruption of class. Students can be dismissed and enrollment terminated if there is evidence of drug and alcohol use. Dismissed students will not receive certificates or refunds.

Fee: contact us for details.

Refund Policy: Refunds are made only if the student has called to cancel on-site attendance at least 72-hours prior to the commencement of the course - a $20 cancellation fee applies. Students who receive refunds will not receive certificates. Refunds are granted solely at the discretion of the Administrator.

Examinations: Exams are given ONLY for 30/60 clock hour courses including Real Estate Law, Brokerage Management, Fundamentals and elective courses that are designated for use as part of the requirements of the brokers' license. Students must have a 70% or better passing grade. For those courses requiring examination, students will have the opportunity to retake an exam under supervision with an appointment at the Administrator’s discretion.

Course Materials: The student may receive workbooks or outlines as part of the course. The course materials and the outlines are the property of Speed Equity® School of Real Estate and are not to be duplicated or disseminated by any means including electronic without the prior written permission of the Administrator.

Certificates: Certificates are available to students that pay tuition, complete the course and, if required, pass the exam. Certificates are provided by the Administrator within ten [10] working days from the date the course is completed. The school will maintain records of students for 5-years as required by the WA Department of Licensing. Duplicate certificates may be issued for a fee of $25.00 per certificate.

Required Disclaimer: This school is approved under chapter RCW 18.85. Inquiries regarding this or any other real estate school may be made to Washington State Department of Licensing, Real Estate Education, P.O. Box 9015, Olympia, WA 98504. Ph (360) 664-6505.
Continuing Education: Speed Equity® School of Real Estate is a state approved real estate continuing education school. For more information about this course, the instructor, or other courses and programs offered contact Harj Gill, Administrator at 36ZERO-539-81ZERO9

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The ONLY Mortgage Acceleration System


HSBC Bank ...

... has consistently ranked in the TOP-5 largest banks in the world with offices in 80 countries and assets of over $2.5 trillion - (Forbes Magazine).

After consulting with Harj, HSBC's Australian subsidiary created & launched a mortgage product called the "Home-Smart Home Loan" in 2003.

This loan was specifically designed to help consumers implement the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System.

Below you can see HSBC's ad that was taken out in newspapers all across the country as well as their webpage, promoting their new mortgage, using Harj's Australian Bestseller.

HSBC Newspaper Promo

click image for larger view

HSBC Website Promo

click image for larger view

HSBC's "Home Smart Home Loan" was not only developed and promoted in Australia using Harj's bestseller, but went on to be offered to home loan borrowers in...

Is your Speed Equity® System used by any banks other than HSBC?



Harj has consulted with some of the largest banks in Australia to help them develop mortgages to work with his System.

PLEASE NOTE: the types of mortgages listed below are ONLY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA ... you are on the U.S. website where Harj shows you how to implement his System in this country.


Find Out “IF”