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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Speed Equity® System like a bi-weekly repayment program?


The Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System is nothing like a bi-weekly repayment program or any of the traditional, outdated loan reduction methods known to you such as increasing your monthly payments or making once-off lump sum payments.

It is a completely revolutionary program that helps you take FULL mathematical advantage of a Key Banking Principle to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage using your EXISTING CASH-FLOW.

To learn more about this System, please sign up for Harj’s FREE Mortgage Acceleration Class

Will I pay off my mortgage in 5-7 years with the Speed Equity® System?

No … maybe !!

That is a COMPLETE FALSE & MISLEADING STATEMENT put out by imitators of Harj’s System to convince you they have a “better” program so they can charge you up to $5,000 for it.

You can test that claim by asking them to GUARANTEE YOU IN WRITING that if you use their program, you WILL PAY OFF YOUR MORTGAGE IN 5-7 YEARS … BEFORE YOU GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.



Because at the end of the day, this System is NOT MAGIC … IT’S PURE MATH!!

Your time & interest savings will depend on three (3) factors, that are unique to each individual. They are:

  1. Your DEBT LOAD
  2. Your INCOME and
  3. Your EXPENSES

As you can see, these 3x factors are different for everyone … and therefore, so will be the time & interest savings.

That’s not to say that families using the Speed Equity® System haven’t paid off their mortgage in that timeframe because plenty of them have.

However, in 20+ years since inventing this System, Harj has NEVER made that as an ABSOLUTE statement because no one knows for sure your time + interest savings until you complete Step-2 “Create Your Plan”.

SO PLEASE BEWARE of anyone making a claim that you will pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years because it’s just a marketing gimmick that they will never back up with a written guarantee.

To learn more, please sign up for Harj’s FREE Mortgage Acceleration Class

Do I have to replace my mortgage to use your Speed Equity® System?

Absolutely NOT!

In fact Harj strongly cautions you against anyone who tells you otherwise.

There are no less than four (4) methods to apply the mortgage acceleration concept, as explained by Harj in his training course, and … “Replacing Your Entire Mortgage” into a first lien HELOC is simply one of them.

Anyone who promotes only this one method without explaining to you the existence, let alone the advantages & disadvantages, of ALL four methods shows a complete lack of understanding about this concept.

If you are talked into refinancing your existing home loan into a HELOC, it could cost you $1,000’s in closing costs -AND- put your whole financial future in peril because you will be exposing your entire mortgage to the variable interest rate with this method.

In contrast, Harj shows you how to implement his System WITHOUT REFINANCING OR REPLACING YOUR EXISTING MORTGAGE in Step-3 of the Member’s Area.

Are there any situations where the Speed Equity® System won't work for someone?


If you spend more than you earn (i.e. you have negative cash flow), then this System will NOT work for you.

In fact, nothing will.

However, if you are willing to take charge of your mortgage AND your personal finances, then this System will definitely work for you.

Also, if you:

  • Had a bankruptcy in the past 7-years, or
  • You owe more on your house than what it’s worth …

… then you will probably have a difficult time getting a HELOC to use with this System.

In which case there is an alternative method that you can use as explained in the Video Tutorial in the Member’s Area.

Other than that, you should be able to use the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System.

Is the Speed Equity® System difficult to apply?

Not at all.

Harj designed this as a Do-It-Yourself System over 20+ years ago and he gives you ALL the tools, resources AND Step-by-Step instructions … please read Harj’s Personal message for more information

In fact he strongly cautions you to be wary of companies or individuals that try to make this sound like rocket science so they can charge you $1,000’s in “consulting fees”.

Harj’s sole objective is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER YOU to be the financial expert in your own household.

That begins by helping you understand some basic banking principles about how interest on your home loan is calculated and charged.

He then provides you with ALL the tools and resources to take full mathematical advantage of that fact to Own Your Home Years Sooner & Save Tens of $1,000’s in Interest.

It takes most people just ONE afternoon to learn about this System (Step-1) and create their plan (Step-2).

However, think of it this way …

The AVERAGE Interest Saving for people using this System is $109, 293.

Let’s say you only save 1/4 of that … i.e. you only save $25,000 interest on your mortgage and … you spend an entire week learning about this System and creating your plan.

That’s like paying yourself $25,000 to EDUCATE & EMPOWER YOURSELF with life-changing knowledge that you can then pass on to your children.

I have heard of other companies doing a similar thing and charging $5,000 for it. Why do you charge so little?

Harj Gill is the original inventor of the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System.

For over 20+ years, his sole objective has been to help families get out of debt – NOT to put them into more debt … please read Harj’s Personal message for more information

His price points make it extremely affordable for everyone who is serious about Owning Their Home Years Sooner & Saving Tens of $1,000’s in Interest to get started.

You can even get it for FREE

If your Speed Equity® System is so good, why haven’t I heard about it before?

Because we don’t make a big fuss and we don’t advertise … ALL our customers are referred to us.

We hope you will do the same by paying it forward to family & friends once you start using it as well.

Is your Speed Equity® System used by any banks?


The Australian subsidiary of HSBC, the world’s third largest bank with assets of over $1 Trillion developed a home loan product specifically for use with the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System and used Mr. Gill’s book to promote it … learn more

The Speed Equity® System and Your Current Loan

I have a large mortgage, and I like the yearly tax benefits I receive. Why would I want to give that up?

Unfortunately this is one of the greatest fallacies perpetrated and perpetuated on the American public for far too long.

Consider this … when you have a mortgage in the U.S. you can claim the interest as a tax deduction = that’s GOOD!

However, in terms of actual Cash Flow = it’s really BAD!


Because for every $1 dollar you pay in interest, you get to claim 30¢ back as a tax deduction (assuming you’re in this tax bracket).

However, if you completely PAID OFF YOUR MORTGAGE, you would get to keep that $1 that you previously paid to your lender in interest but … you would have to pay 30¢ on that dollar in taxes.

That means you would have 70¢ in your pocket vs. 30¢.

Therefore, if paying out $1 dollar to your lender in interest so you can claim 30¢ back as a tax deduction makes sense to you – then we have a much better proposition – send us all the dollars you have, and we will send you back 50¢ for every dollar!

This logic is explained in excruciating mathematical detail using the IRS Tax Rate Schedule in Harj’s international bestseller as well as the video tutorials in the Member’s Area of this website.

I took advantage of the low interest rates recently and refinanced my existing home loan. Will your Speed Equity® System still be able to help me?


You did the right thing by refinancing to the lowest interest rate you could find.

Now, we can show you how to Own Your Home Even Sooner.

That’s because with the Speed Equity® Mortgage Acceleration System you will always pay less money in the form of interest – despite what your interest rate is and this is the key to accelerated home ownership.

I have less than 10 years to pay on my existing home loan. Will your Speed Equity® System still benefit me?


If you want to ensure a successful retirement you should be considering investing in other cash or saleable assets.

The Speed Equity® System can help you own those assets years sooner should you have to borrow money to acquire them.

Here’s a story that was featured on Australian National TV about one couple that successfully used Harj’s Speed Equity® System to not only pay off their 20-year mortgage in 4 years, but also own two (2) investment properties in that time – click here for their TV story.

I could repay my mortgage right now – why would I want to?

Financial experts say that you need at least $1.2 MILLION  in cash or saleable assets in order to ensure a successful retirement.

The only true way to accomplish this for most people is through borrowing money to purchase assets over time.

The Speed Equity® System simply reduces the cost of borrowing this money so you build equity much faster than traditional loan repayment methods.

Harj’s System is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is however a life-long wealth creation tool & strategy that begins with Owning Your Home Years Sooner.

After that it enables you to rapidly build your asset base by applying the same accelerated debt reduction principles to your investment vehicles.

I’m a first-time homebuyer. How do I go about applying your Speed Equity® System?

You are in the best position out of anyone we know …

That’s because you could get this entire System for FREE

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